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Labor Unions

Our firm is dedicated to serving the labor industry. The firm serves as independent accountants to over 100 labor organizations, which includes international unions, regional councils, and local labor organizations. Our commitment to the labor industry begins with a comprehensive understanding of the labor environment and its special service needs.

Our professional staff is well trained in both the financial accounting and reporting standards relevant to labor unions as well as the Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service’s reporting requirements.

LM-2 Changes

This has become even more important as the changes to the LM-2 and T-1 Forms are extensive and require immediate attention by each local union. We can work with you in order to ensure you will have the information needed in order to properly complete the forms.

Contact us if you need assistance or if you would like a copy of our seminar handouts that cover the changes.

For a listing of our services to labor organizations, click here.

To find out more about how we can assist you, please contact us.