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Come for the Career. Stay for the Perks.

Are you looking to make your mark in your professional life and reap the benefits of a rewarding career? Then Novak Francella may be your cup of tea… or coffee. We offer an array of outstanding jobs to meet the needs of clients who take advantage of our diversified accounting, tax, and consulting services.

For new recruits, that means a wide range of enriching career opportunities throughout the Northeastern U.S.—including some of the world’s most dynamic metro areas from Washington, D.C. to Boston, MA.

Investing in the People Who Count.

At Novak Francella, we are committed to providing an employment experience that is dedicated to quality, integrity and accomplishment. We strive to be an employer of choice and foster a workplace where there is respect for each person; clear definition of roles and responsibilities; encouragement for the free expression of ideas; and career growth and reward for performance.

We actively seek to identify and develop high-performing individuals throughout the firm. Expanding the capabilities of our people is a key to our strategic objectives and is a focus of the leadership of our organization.

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Wake Up and Smell Your Future!

Intelligent, entrepreneurial, ambitious. Novak Francella employees are not your average Joe or Jane. We are dedicated to excellence and integrity and eager to tackle a myriad of business challenges. Whether you are a recent college grad or a seasoned professional, we’re looking for team players who want to contribute to our success while making their mark and a lasting impact in their professional life.

Today is the day to make a fresh start at Novak Francella. Contact us now.

Novak Francella. Where people count!